Friday, July 24, 2009

Blog #3, Kinoki Foot Pads

I was in the Wal-Mart getting some merchandise, and I saw a display for Kinoki Foot Pads. The box was eye catching, so I picked it up. It claimed to rid the body of toxins, impurities and heavy metals. My skeptical radar began to go out because of the vague claims that it cured, but I continued to read. According to the directions, you place a pad on your foot before you sleep, and, when you wake, you will see the effectiveness of the pads by the black color (A hypothesis of why the pads turn black (besides the fact that black is a color that generally depicts negativity) is due to iodine. Iodine, when it reacts with various substances, turns black).

The black color is suppose to be the excess toxins, impurities and heavy metals that seeped through your feet into the Kinoki Pad. One of the reasons why that did not make sense to me is due to the Theory of Gravity. Wouldn’t it make more sense to place the pads on your back, stomach or side depending on which way your body touches the bed to maximizes the effectiveness of the pad and gravity? I also think that the makers of the pad are cashing in the credulity of the mass, and the magic, mysteries of the feet.

In many spas, you will see ads for reflexology. According to reflexology, there are magical energies that the feet (and hands) encompass which correspond with various parts of the human body. If you apply some amount of pressure to a certain area of the foot, it may, for example, help aid the healing process of the heart. This idea is not falsifiable; therefore, it is not scientifically or logically based.

Basically, it is up to the individual to decide on their own to buy a product; however, in my opinion, you might as well take your $9.99 that you were going to spend on a pack of Kinoki Pads, and send it my way. I am selling a brand of cleansing pads that not only remove the impurities, toxins and heavy metals of the body, but my product also helps boost the immune system, dissolves excess body fat and increases your IQ score by 17 points. All you need to do is place my innovative pad on your forearm before you go to bed. When you wake in the morning, place the pad into a envelope (don’t worry the cost of shipping and handling is included in the $9.99 value) then send it to my corporate headquarters. I will place the pad into our Quantum Measurement Chamber, and then analyze it. I will send it back to you with a complete analysis of Chambers findings, and you will see the pad will be red. Along with the complete three page analysis, the proof that the pad is red is the only evidence you need that my pads work.

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